Yuko Okuma’s Profile

Kouei is Yuko Okuma’s calligrapher name. 香 means incense and 瑩 mean beautiful color of a treasure ball.

Yuko started to study calligraphy when she was three years old at a small calligraphy school near her house. She wanted to learn calligraphy more seriously and went to bigger school for special study while she was in University where she majored in Japanese literature.

She was authorized as a calligraphy teacher when she was twenty-one years old. But unfortunately, she had to give up her carrier as a calligrapher because there was no space for a young woman with no powerful connection in a conservative society at that time.

She then had many successful lives. As a TV & radio host, as a voice
(recordings, MC), as a mother,  as a Japanese teacher…..

She was lit a fire of Japanese culture, calligraphy, tea ceremony, Noh……   somehow in 2013. Then she gave up her carrier as an experienced Japanese teacher and returned to the path where she should be.

After she taught calligraphy to high school students at Daichi Gakuen in Tokyo for several years, she opened her atelier, 瀀墨 (Yūboku), to people who want to learn calligraphy.

She is very active in going abroad to demonstrate and teach calligraphy. She has been to France, Italy, Algeria, Brukina Faso and Romanina as a cultural bridge.

While traveling to the world, she creates calligraphy works on Japanese classical poems such as “One hundred poets, One poem each”, “The tale of Genji”.  Classical Japanese literature, French poems are the ones what she has a passion for.

She also practices Zen at a Zen temple, tea ceremony with Urasenke school and Ikebana with Yamamura Goryu school.

Introducing the real Japanese beauty to the world is one of her big passions.

号 香瑩







2016年6月 パリ・パサージュ・ド・パノラマで行われたグランド祭りに書のブースを出す。

2017年7月 在アルジェリア日本大使館主催、アルジェリア日本友好55周年記念イベントに参加、書のデモンストレーション、ならびに、書作品を寄贈

2017年9月、10月 パリで行われた長坂大山游刻展に友情参加
2017年10月 イタリア、ミラノで開催の日本人書家グループ展「いとをかし」に参加

2018 年6月、7月 京都 アートスペース感で開催された長坂大山游刻展に友情参加

2018年10月 初見良昭宗家のアートブック『初見良昭 道場戲画 天』に、寄稿文を共に宗家とのコラボ作品掲載

2018年10月 ブルキナファソSIAOに於いて日本大使館ブース担当

2018年11月 フランス、ヴァランスで行われた「Bunka no Hi」イベントで書道ワークショップ

2019年 3月 東京新宿柿傳ギャラリーにて開催された長坂大山游刻展に友情参加

2019年8月 ルーマニア、ブカレスト、Raiden dojo にて書道ワークショップ

2019年10月 フランス、ペルージュ 一軒家ギャラリーLa MACにて三人展